GS-machine factory Travnik consists of a young, motivated and high quality team, ready for continuous professional development and education.

With over 400 employees and the tendency of further growth and expansion of capacity, we are announcing an ad for hiring production workers in the following positions:

– Welder
– Locksmith
– Lakirer
– CNC machine operator

We invite all interested candidates, who have work experience in the required jobs, secondary education, who are recognizable in their environment as an organized, accurate and responsible approach to work to apply.

In our work environment, we offer you work on challenging projects, as well as stimulating income with guaranteed professional and personal development, training and development.

If you consider this advertisement an opportunity to introduce yourself to us and you are interested in the above jobs, you can submit your CV to:

deliver in person or by registered mail to the address:

GS – Machine Factory Travnik d.o.o.Travnik

Slimena bb

72270 Travnik

Bosnia and Herzegovina